Known - Skin: Barracks (Elari Training Grounds) stops production and incorrect display.

Dear settlers,

We have seen your reports that the Elari Skin, when applied, interferes with or stops the production and display of the barracks.

Please avoid using the Skin: Barracks (Elari Training Grounds) until the problem is fixed.

Should you already have the Skin: Barracks (Elari Training Grounds) active on your barracks and notice problems, please use the buff "Third Eye" to remove it. After that, the production and display will also work properly again. The permanent appearance change will go back to the Star Menu, the temporary one will be lost and you can get a replacement from the support.

You can get the "Third Eye" from the merchant => Skins => For 1 fish

Kind regards
your "The Settler Online"-Community-Team