Information regarding the 2019 Anniversary Event on the public test server!
As with any other Sneak Peek, the content shared on may not reflect the final status of the event. Once the game version is finalized, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.
Dear Settlers, A little over 26 years ago, we saw the first-ever Settlers game come into existence. From the humble beginnings on the Amiga, and evolving over the years on the PC, to The Settlers we know today. It's time again to celebrate our Anniversary with a very special community-focused event! Our developers have committed themselves to create more new content, including new buildings, quests, buffs and additional specialists!

As the elder of twins, the Older Gemini General always desired to step out of his famous father's shadow by leading an even grander army: 280 units to be exact. Proving to be even more kind-hearted than his father, he recovers 20% of lost units after every battle. He also travels twice as quickly to adventures, recovers 3x as quickly from defeat and has the advantages of First Strike & Flanking.

This novel building allows you to produce adventure stories via a queue, by having your Settlers record their many captivating adventures. Every further Adventure Bookbinder increases the production speed by 100% (from the base value)! Cannot be buffed or upgraded.

Name Effects Costs Duration
Short Adventure Story

Produces 1 Manuscript
Level: 15

590 Simple Paper
470 Nib
24 Coin
10 Adventure Tale


Middle Adventure Story Produces 1 Tome
Level: 25

605 Intermed. Paper
415 Letter
48 Coin
20 Adventure Tale

Long Adventure Story Produces 1 Codex
Level: 40

560 Advanced Paper
400 Bookfitting
72 Coin
40 Adventure Tale

We hope you enjoyed peeking through the test server's door with us! Share your impressions in our forums or directly on the test server forums, where our developers are monitoring the feedback! Leave your thoughts in our dedicated feedback thread.

Happy testing!