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Hier vind je de gemeenschapsevenementen van The Settlers Online

  1. Klevend Onderwerp Klevend: [Contest] The Wishing Well

    Introducing... The Wishing Well A mysterious well has been discovered in the Settlers Online realm, rumoured to have great mystical powers....

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 10-05-17 16:51
    79 Pagina's
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    ik wens
    • Reacties: 785
    • Bekeken: 649.903
    12-11-19 13:36 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  1. Best of: Opposite Day

    Dear Settlers, Earlier this year, we asked the Community to share the best way of NOT playing The Settlers Online. The response was priceless -...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 24-05-18 13:32
    • Reacties: 2
    • Bekeken: 36.735
    26-05-18 08:08 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  2. What is the code for ...?

    The Easter event shop is about to close. Easter Bunny's assistant is tasked with the inventory of some items. She needs to fill in a code for an...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 20-04-18 09:22
    • Reacties: 8
    • Bekeken: 32.465
    23-04-18 10:47 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  3. SOS Sonya: The Plan B

    The worldwide majority of players voted for the bird with obsidian feathers. Could this statue be the one Eamon is looking for? Read our last...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 16-03-18 12:55
    8 Pagina's
    1 2 3 ... 8
    • Reacties: 78
    • Bekeken: 499.343
    27-03-18 23:29 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  4. International Women's Day

     International Women's Day 2018 Dear Settlers, Today's a day to celebrate the achievements, contributions and rights of women. Your Mayor...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 08-03-18 09:22
    2 Pagina's
    1 2
    • Reacties: 13
    • Bekeken: 60.400
    13-03-18 10:20 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  5. Love Your Pet Day

     Dear settlers, It's not every day you come across a purring keyboard with an internal heating system for your cold fingers! German player...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 20-02-18 10:06
    • Reacties: 6
    • Bekeken: 12.613
    23-02-18 19:26 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  6. Poll Poll: Valentine's Day: Is it love?

     Dear settlers, Last year for Valentine's Day you helped us decipher Settlerina's secret suitor's message...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 14-02-18 09:43
    • Reacties: 1
    • Bekeken: 12.660
    14-02-18 12:02 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  7. Poll Poll: SOS Sonya: Eamon the Seer

    In the previous chapter, we asked the community to write by hand the answers to the deaf Sentinel's questions. Most of the worldwide contributors...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 02-02-18 10:54
    • Reacties: 2
    • Bekeken: 27.783
    06-02-18 21:27 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  8. Opposite Day: Share your best anti-TSO guide!

     Dear settlers, Throughout time and from the very beginning, you have shared your game knowledge with the others, you have helped your...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 25-01-18 14:00
    2 Pagina's
    1 2
    • Reacties: 15
    • Bekeken: 35.133
    30-01-18 18:53 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  9. SOS Sonya: The Sentinel

    The Deaf Sentinel You enter the maze altogether, but the explorers are already sprinting ahead. You cannot beat their training and years of...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 23-01-18 14:00
    • Reacties: 2
    • Bekeken: 21.564
    28-01-18 14:30 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  10. Poll Poll: SOS SONYA: Choose how the story continues! Dear settlers, Yesterday we posted an...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 12-01-18 16:19
    • Reacties: 8
    • Bekeken: 61.292
    23-01-18 12:25 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  11. SOS Sonya: The Maze

    The worldwide majority of players voted for Going back to the mountain path. Find out now how the story continues and what obstacles you have to...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 19-01-18 12:11
    2 Pagina's
    1 2
    • Reacties: 14
    • Bekeken: 62.694
    19-01-18 23:54 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  12. Word Hunt: Find the Christmas Items!

     Dear Settlers, We hope you're enjoying some quiet time with your loved ones as much as we do! But don't let it be too quiet; come and join...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 26-12-17 15:06
    • Reacties: 1
    • Bekeken: 128.978
    26-12-17 23:25 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  13. [Forum Game] Roetvegen Piet's Letter

    Introducing... Roetvegen Piet's Letter A One Line Poem Game One of your settlers reported that they found an unconscious Roetvegen Piet in a...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 05-12-17 11:00
    • Reacties: 7
    • Bekeken: 56.508
    19-12-17 09:49 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  14. A Confounding Crossword Conundrum

    Dear settlers, Take a break from the pumpkin chase and join us as we try and discover the special day we are celebrating today! Hmmm... What could...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 05-11-17 07:00
    3 Pagina's
    1 2 3
    • Reacties: 27
    • Bekeken: 29.325
    07-11-17 11:21 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  15. Forum Event

    Dear Settlers, A few days after the bandits have settled on your island, a mysterious character appeared in your tavern. Out of suspicion, your...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 22-09-17 15:41
    • Reacties: 6
    • Bekeken: 22.888
    25-09-17 11:16 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  16. International Book Lovers Day!

    Dear settlers, Celebrate Book Lovers Day with the rest of the bibliomaniacs by sharing the books your settlers are reading! Here are some...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 09-08-17 13:58
    • Reacties: 9
    • Bekeken: 24.886
    10-08-17 22:25 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  17. 5th Anniversary Forum Contest

    Dear Settlers, Today, the Dutch version of The Settlers Online celebrates its 5th birthday! As we celebrate Woestewoud's birthday, your...

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 03-07-17 08:30
    25 Pagina's
    1 2 3 ... 25
    • Reacties: 247
    • Bekeken: 33.265
    03-07-17 19:30 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  18. Verplaatst: Forum Spotlight: Easter Special

    Gestart door BB_Sious, 07-04-17 09:10
    • Reacties: -
    • Bekeken: -
    07-04-17 09:10 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  19. Ask Me Anything AMA

    Dear Players, In hopes of satisfying your curiosity regarding various aspects of the game, as well as building a closer relationship with the...

    Gestart door BB_Nanuq, 14-03-17 18:30
    8 Pagina's
    1 2 3 ... 8
    • Reacties: 77
    • Bekeken: 46.872
    17-03-17 11:24 Ga naar het laatste bericht
  20. The winners of The Carnival event

     Dear Settlers, Thank you and congratulations to Divana for her winning submission. 4,000 gems belongs to her and her cute daughter!

    Gestart door BB_Nanuq, 13-03-17 15:53
    • Reacties: 1
    • Bekeken: 6.907
    13-03-17 16:46 Ga naar het laatste bericht

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